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Below is a timetable of what to expect after settlement. Please note that these are only estimates.
Site Plan:
After all necessary permits have been obtained, you can now turn to your site plan to mark where your house will be built on your land. This is done with the help of the site plan and your contractor.
   Time frame: This can be completed within about 2 hours.
Excavation and Groundbreaking:
Clearing of the land ensures that enough space is available for tractors and forklifts to operate during construction. At this time your driveway may also be cleared to allow access for deliveries. The excavator will also dig out for the foundation and basement (if applicable). This is typically done after the land has been cleared and within the same time frame as the excavation.
   Time frame: 1 to 7 days.
The sub-contractors will need water and temporary electric service installed. If you've chosen a well or septic system, check with your sub-contractor to see if this is the time to have them installed.
Time frame: 1 day.
Your concrete sub-contractor will pour your footers according to your plans and specs. After this stage an inspector may be required to inspect and check the footers to ensure they meet with township or county building codes.
Time frame: 1 to 2 days.
Your home can be built on almost any type of foundation: brick, block, concrete or all-weather wood. Your masonry sub-contractor will construct your foundation as specified in your plans and specs. Your foundation may include a full basement or concrete slab (if using a concrete slab, all plumbing rough-ins must be complete before pouring your slabs).
Time frame: 1 to 2 weeks, depending on foundation type and sub-contractor.
Your general contractor or sub-contractor will frame or erect your home. Once your shell is intact, "drying-in" will occur (the process of protecting your home from weather). This doesn't always mean that your roof is completed- if your are building a chimney, this needs to be erected before the roof can be completed. But it does mean that your home will be protected from rain or snow.
Time frame: 1 to 3 weeks.
Chimney and Fireplace:
Prior to completion of the roof, all fireplaces and chimneys should be installed and completed. This allows proper flashing to be installed around the chimney.
Time frame: 1 to 7 days.
The roof shingles will be installed unless this occurred at the drying-in stage (no chimneys were erected). All exterior trim including faschia, soft and gable ends should be completed at this time.
Time frame: 1 to 3 days.
Prior to having your drywall hung, all plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning should be roughed-in by your sub-contractors. Depending on your plans and specs some of this may have been completed as the kit was being constructed. After any necessary roughing-in, the drywall is hung.
Time frame: up to 2 weeks depending on the number of rooms and the sub-contractor.
Interior Trim Painting/Staining:
Doors, molding, cabinets, etc., are installed. After all trim is in place, painting and staining is performed (if not pre-painted or pre-stained). During this stage any outside painting or staining is also completed.
Time frame: Up to 4 weeks, depending on amount of painting or staining.
Kitchen and Bathroom(s):
All counter tops and flooring must be complete so that plumbing can be finished. Any entry ways or foyers that are of the same flooring substance are also completed at this time (except carpeting).
Time frame: Up to 2 weeks.
Trimming Out:
Plumbing, electrical, heating air-conditioning and wall/baseboard plates are completed. The plumber installs the bathroom(s) and kitchen fixtures. The electrician will install all switches, outlet covers and wires all appliances.
Time frame: These combined processes can take up to 5 days.
Hardwood floors are finished. After completing any hardwood flooring the carpeting and padding is installed.
Time frame: Up to 4 days, depending on the number of rooms.
Driveway and Walkways:
You may want to wait to start this stage until all construction equipment has been removed to prevent any damage.
Time frame: Up to 4 days.
Depending on the time of year your home is constructed, you may need to wait until the proper time of year to complete this stage. If you must wait, the appropriate amount of financing will be held in escrow until this can be completed. This will not however, delay modification.
Time frame: Up to 4 days, depending on the size of your lot.

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